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'Fifteen​.​' - (7 Tracks)

by Gareth J. Rubery

Butterflies 02:15
Luminescence 03:45
Crystal Eve 04:28
Summer 04:03


This album is growing all the time, keep your eyes peeled for the next single!

From London, England, Gareth has fast become known around the globe for his distinctive style of music. He has not only proved himself as a solo artist, but as early as 2015 he established himself as a sought after composer amongst directors both in the US and UK.

In it's first week of release, his Debut Album 'Two.' took the internet by storm in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Japan, and has continued to gain momentum with every passing day.

"Discovering Gareth J. Rubery's musical work was an absolute highlight for me last year. His talent is obvious and he certainly deserves the success and admiration. I consider his music as masterworks." - Beatrice Creelle, Belgium

"Warning: GJR's music could change your physiology! It can lower your breathing and decrease the heart rate. Regular listening could result in reduced anxiety, which could potentially eventuate in a sudden and unexpected increase in quality of life, leading you to invest in life beyond 100yrs! Joining his VIP community could be living the risk of such consequence!" - Benafsha Yosufi, Australia

'Two.' is the perfect company on a quest in life for peace, calm & tranquility, making it an essential journey between 12 exceptional tracks. Each piece uses the exquisite beauty of the piano, blended with the elegance & emotion of strings with the best of melodies. Flawless & Genius!!!' - Dawn Hutchinson, England

"I cannot live without music, it expresses my dreams, my love, just all my life. GJR's music means so much to me...words cannot explain how much" - Sylvia Coronel, Israel

"Only the purest music calms the storm and silences the rage within us. And only the truest talents and hardest workers effortlessly communicate its beauty into our soul. Ten tracks from the debut album Two., or twelve in case of its Special Edition, take us to the memorable journey and experience into the magical world touched by Gareth J. Rubery." - Bernard Jan, Croatia.

"It's too much not to be utterly drawn into the emotion that he so lovingly pours into his music, and you can not help but be emotionally effected when you are anywhere near a set of speakers that are graced with his gorgeous tones. " - Clare Simpson, CA

"GJR's music is like poetry. When I listen to the sounds, I write poetry in my mind, I write the unspoken words that his music is transmitting to me. I compose my personal visions, creating everlasting experiences as spiritual odysseys." - Gabriela Pavloska, Macedonia

'Two', unlike the title number, is the album that will make an infinite number of feelings explosion inside your heart! From the smoothest piano tracks until the amazingly full epic orchestrations - it will even make you inspired to write your own tracks!" - Miguel R Sloans, Portugal

"The hotly anticipated second album from Gareth J. Rubery 'Fifteen' is promised to be loved by his massively growing fan base and lovers of piano and orchestral music alike. If 'Two' is anything to go on, it will be a masterpiece of craftsmanship." - Ken James, NYC.


released March 1, 2017

Photography by Pedro Fernández Aguado


all rights reserved


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